Auntie/Nephew Trip

My Annual auntie and nephew trip was back on July 25th and we had a great time. He is pretty easy to make happy! We took a trip the Shubenacadie Wildlife Park! There weren’t as many animals out as I would have liked but we had a great time! It was a long wait to get in, I think it took us almost an hour to get in to the park. They were taking all the proper precautions, only allowing so many in at a time. So that is why it took so long to get in. Oh well!

After the zoo he wanted to go to Toys R Us to pick out a toy, so we did! He LOVES that place! After shopping we had lunch at his favourite lunch spot, McD’s! HAHA. After lunch we headed to a park so he could play around for a bit but I wanted to find a park that no one was playing at, because COVID, he would have wanted to play with everyone! I finally found a park but as soon as we got out to play it started raining and thundering. We sat in the car for a bit to see if it would stop raining. It did so we got out again and then of course it started raining again. So we left the park and got ice cream instead!

I had a lovely time with him and I look forward to many more days with this little kiddo!

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