Auntie/Niece Trip

Our annual auntie and niece trip was a little different this year. It was the same weekend I took her last year, the first full weekend in July, the 4th and 5th, but we didn’t do what I had originally planned and thats okay! She would have loved whatever we did. Instead of leaving the province like last year we stayed closer to home. I planned a trip to the south shore. We did an overnight trip to Bridgewater. Two days at the beach was just what we needed! Even though it was freezing we still had the best time! We headed directly to the beach and spend most of the day there! Once we left the beach we went to check into our hotel. We settled in and then went for supper. Pizza Delight it is! “The best garlic fingers I’ve ever had” according to an 8 year old! HAHA. We enjoyed supper and then had an early night in at the hotel. We both went right to sleep.

Day 2 we went back to the same beach! She played in the water both days we were there. She didn’t want to get out! After our time was up at the beach we got lunch at the canteen and then headed towards home! We took the scenic route. Traveled to Mahone Bay, Queensland beach and then made it home to the City. I dropped her off at home and I then ventured home myself!

I love our times together and I hope to continue these trips until she no longer wants to go! And I hope that never happens!

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