Summer vacation 2020

What a year this has turned out to be? It’s definitely not what any of us would have expected. But in spite of everything, I was able to get a summer vacation. It involved hanging with family and friends and enjoying a day out by myself!

It all started with a Bachelorette party in the City and then I went to my first in person church service at my home church. Sunday afternoon we took a drive to Harbourville to enjoy the beautiful weather.

Monday my mother and I had a lovely day in the City shopping and having lunch by the Bedford Waterfront. The Bedford park is one of my favourite places in the city.

Tuesday I had an awesome beach day at Rissers with two lovely friends and enjoyed a yummy supper in Lunenburg. I was so glad it turned out to be a hot day cause I wanted to have one last beach day before summer was over! It was so worth going even though the water was absolutely freezing.

Wednesday was a short shopping trip again in the city and by myself this time. I always love having one of those alone days during vacation. I can take my time and worry about anyone else!

Friday I had a lovely backyard chat with a friend and then enjoyed the rest of my day relaxing.

Saturday I volunteered to help at a wedding, in between the ceremony and reception, of a friend of mine and guys, she looked GORGEOUS!!! All my friends are getting married and I am so happy for all of them! But I can’t wait until it’s my turn! lol. The rest of the day was relaxing, I packed for an overnight trip I was going on and watched Criminal Minds.

Sunday my mom and I took off for an overnight trip down to Yarmouth. We left early and started the off right, with an iced coffee from McD’s. We took the highway until we got passed Digby and then we took the scenic route to Yarmouth. It’s such a lovely drive I highly recommend it! We stopped at some places along the way. There was a picnic park that had gorgeous views of the water. We went to Cape Forchu to see the lighthouse and the whale skeleton. So cool! And the views were breathtaking. The we proceeded to check into our hotel where we unloaded and recouped after a long drive. We then headed to the waterfront where we sat in my car and read our books! It’s so relaxing, you should all try it sometime. After reading for a while we went for supper at Boston Pizza. DELICIOUS! After supper we headed back to the hotel for a night in of more reading! Sounds fun right!?!

Labour Day Monday we checked out of the hotel and headed off towards Shelburne. We made a few stops; Shelburne, Summerville Beach, Liverpool, Bridgewater, and Mahone Bay! The drive was extremely foggy and hard to see what was in front of us. But we enjoyed our time away. We stopped in Mahone Bay for some cheesecake at Joann’s Market and then headed home! We got home around 3pm and enjoyed the rest of the night just hanging out!

I had a great vacation and now it’s back to work! I am thankful for the time I had off and am grateful for the people I got to enjoy it with!
Until next time!

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Christ Follower / Photographer / Blogger / Adventurer / Annapolis Valley, Nova Scotia

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