The Unemployed Life: Back to work

Here’s how the unemployed life went. I was off work from March 19th to July 24th. I did lots of online shopping, I mean a lot. But everything I purchased I use everyday! I am such an introvert and being home everyday didn’t bother me at all. Near the end of April my sister messaged me and wondered if I could babysit for her. She was working still and her boyfriend was heading back to work so they needed someone to watch the kids and since I wasn’t working I could help them out. I started babysitting my nieces and nephews, ages 8, 7, 3, and 18 mths and I thought it was only going to be for a few weeks but it turned out being 3 months. Boy was I wrong, LOL! I babysat from May 4th to July 24th, 5 days a week, driving back and forth to the city. What a time it was!

I enjoyed my time with the four kiddos so much, even though it was exhausting but I wouldn’t change for the world! I cherished every moment I got to spend with them. We went on lots of walks and drives at the beginning. But that turned into hanging out at the apartment. Which was totally fine with me! LOL! The youngest one grew so much in those 3 months. She learned so many new words and songs. We listened to many, many, many kids videos on youtube. The favourite was twinkle twinkle little star! She can sing the whole song! She is just adorable! I have had my fill on kids music for quite some time. The kids and I definitely had our good and bad days but overall I loved my time with them so much!

Here are some photos of my time with the kids!

Before I went back to work full time I did work 1 night a week and then it changed to 2 nights. I needed to get another night in so I could get all my work done. I enjoyed working nights, they were quiet and I was able to get my work done with no distractions. I started back to work July 27th and though I enjoyed my time off, it felt great to get back to it! It’s been a month since I went back to work and it feels like I never left! I am thankful I was able to keep my job during this pandemic! Who would have thought the pandemic would still be going on after 6 months? Though it’s not over yet but I pray everyone stays safe and keeps taking the proper precautions.

Stay safe and wash your hands!

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