The Unemployed Life: Day 5

Last night I had a video date with some ladies from my small group since we can’t meet in person we decided this was a great way to stay connected. I am still going to bed at the same time as if I was working and getting up between 7:30am-8am.

Oh it snowed last night and this morning. Great, it was just starting to look and feel like Spring. It was pretty though!

This morning I lounged around in bed until I took my dad to get his car (it was getting fixed) and then I came home and relaxed until it was time for my SALSA date with my ladies. The first letter of our first names spell the word salsa; Sydney, Arielle, Lindsay, Sarah & Alicia. Arielle, had to get ready for work but the rest of us chatted for almost 3 hours today. I am so thankful for video chats! Ladies, we will have to do it again soon!

I texted my about supper. I asked what if he knew what they wanted for supper. He said “No surprise us!”. So I made supper. I went to the cupboards to see what we had and I came up with Hamburger Casserole. I found a good recipe on Pinterest and it turned out delicious! I will share the recipe in a new post.

This evening is going to involve tidying up my bedroom and watching a movie. Not sure what to watch but I am sure I will come up with something!

Stay safe and…


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