The Unemployed Life: Day 2-4

This is what Day 2 looked like!

We hung out at home for a bit but we wanted to get the kids outdoors so they can burn off some of their energy. So we took them to Lockhart Ryan Park to the soccer field so they could run around. This was before they closed all parks/sport fields. The kiddos all had rosy cheeks. It was chilly. After they played a bit we got back in the vehicle and we went for ice cream. I know, I know. It’s too cold for ice cream. Not for US! Ice Cream all the time is our motto!

and don’t worry, the little one didn’t stay out. It was too cold for her. But the rest of them had a great time.

After Ice Cream we came home and played games. We played Connect Four Saturday and on Sunday.

Day 4 consisted of playing with the kids outside and then it was time to take them home. It was a long morning, Two out of the three kids were ready for naps but wouldn’t take them and the other two kept asking to go outside. We eventually gave in and I took the older three outside to play before it was time to take them home.

Last evening we finally were able to celebrate my nephews 18th Birthday. We did presents, Chinese food and cake. Happy Birthday Jake!

Today is consisting of dishes, laundry and cleaning. I need to tidy up after the kids were here on the weekend. I will probably put a movie on while I get some things done around the house. Tonight I am hoping our small group can video chat since we can’t meet. Thank goodness for the internet. The things we can do now to keep in contact with people as we are social distancing. It’s great!

Stay safe and…


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