Auntie/Niece Trip

I surprised my niece with an overnight trip to Moncton two weeks ago. She was so excited to go on a trip and stay in a hotel. We had such a fun time. All she talked about was the hotel and the pillows from the room. “They are so soft”, she said. We arrived in Moncton around lunch time and headed straight to the mall to look for a birthday present for her brother. Unfortunately we didn’t find anything for him but oh well we found things for us though 🙂

We then headed to Starbucks and had a visit to Wheaton’s to see an old co-worker of mine. It was great to see Trena again. From there we finally went to the hotel to check in. Miss B couldn’t wait to go in. So we hung out in the hotel for the rest of the afternoon and then decided to go for supper at East Side Mario’s. It was supposed to rain in the evening so we decided to bring out coats with us just incase, So glad we did cause it downpoured. We had made plans to go to the fun zone at Magic Mountain but if it rained we were going to go to the movies. SO with the rain we went to the movies, where then the power went off. Luckily it came right back on but that scared Miss B a little that she didn’t want to stay. All she wanted to do was go back to the hotel. I got my money back for the tickets and headed back to the hotel with our popcorn where we hung out and watched a movie on the TV. Either way it was a great night.

After Miss B finally woke up we went down for breakfast and then checked out of the hotel and headed for the Zoo. What a great morning it was for the zoo. The weather was great and there wasn’t as many people there when we arrived as when we left. Miss B had a great time taking a few pictures with her Grandmother’s camera. I will have to share those later. The Moncton Zoo is awesome. Lots of animals to see.

After the Zoo we went for lunch at her favourite spot, McDonald’s. We then headed to the Butterfly World at The Boardwalk. We got to see lots of butterflies and feed them oranges. It was hard to catch them, as we weren’t allowed to touch them. They were beautiful. They had a bounce castle and a playground to play at. We ended our time with Moon Mist ice cream! Delicious!

Our time came to an end and so we started the trek home. We stopped along the way at the Nova Scotia Information Centre and at Stewiacke Tim Horton’s for some coffee. Well coffee for me and orange juice for her! We made it back to Sackville just in time for a swim at a lake and supper at Wendy’s. Miss B and I had such a good time, that she is already planning our next Auntie and Niece trip. Love this girl!

Next time we will do a two night stay instead of one. But first it’s her brothers turn for a trip with Auntie! He will be so excited to go to the Museum of Industry in New Glasgow. He loves trains, so he will love the museum.

Farewell for now!

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