Weekend Adventures

Friday was such a beautiful day that I had to go for a walk that evening. The weather was great, it’s finally starting to feel like Spring. And I am loving it. So my mother and I went for a lovely walk through Miner’s Marsh in Kentville, Nova Scotia. It’s a great place to go for a leisurely walk our for some great exercise. People ride their bikes, run, walk, and take pictures! That’s what we did, we walked around but I had to take some photos. This place is great for getting pictures of animals. From birds, geese, frogs, turtles, and possibly beavers. There are a variety of birds but I only saw the red-winged black birds. And there were lots calling out to each other through out the marshland.

I definitely need to get out more for walks. And not to just take pictures but to get some exercise, I need it!

Saturday was a rainy day but I took my niece and nephew out for some ice cream and we had a little adventure. We got out umbrella’s out sand we headed to the Irving Centre in Wolfville, Nova Scotia and walked the trails there. The kiddos have quite the imagination, they can pretend were on quite the adventure. I love it. From there we headed to Miner’s Marsh and hung out there for a bit before we headed home for some supper.

And for Sunday, it was a gorgeous day to be outside. We went to church in the morning, had lunch and then headed outdoors to play. They have a blast outside.

Our time did come to an end, as we had to drive the kiddos home to Lwr Sackville, Nova Scotia. They needed to head home to their mommy and daddy. It’s always a pleasure to have them stay with us even when they are difficult but we love them and wouldn’t change this for anything!

Now I hope you had a great weekend and God bless the start of a new week!

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Christ Follower / Photographer / Blogger / Adventurer / Annapolis Valley, Nova Scotia

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