Embracing My Singleness

It’s about to get real. I am 35 years old, single and have never dated. I look forward to dating when the opportunity comes my way. I really feel we put too much pressure on ourselves to date, but what we really need to do is take one date at a time. Not going into the first date thinking could they be “the one” but get to know the other person. Dating can be such a fun time, why not make the most out of it.

Here is a list of books that have helped me navigate my singleness. If you’d like to borrow any of the books I own them, just let me know.

  1. The Sacred Search by Gary Thomas – ‘The Sacred Search challenges you to think beyond finding a “soul mate” and to look for a “sole mate” – someone who will walk with you on your spiritual journey. After all, if you don’t know why to marry, you won’t know who to marry. The Sacred Search casts a vision for building a relationship around a shared spiritual mission – and making a marriage with eternity at its heart.’
  2. The 5 Love Languages: Singles Edition by Gary Chapman – ‘The premise is simple: Different people with different personalities express love in different ways. Therefore, if you want to give and receive love most effectively, you’ve got to learn to speak the right language.’
  3. The New Rules for Love, Sex, and Dating by Andy Stanley – ‘”Are you the person the person you are looking for is looking for?” Andy explores the challenges, assumptions, and land mines associated with dating in the twenty-first century. Best of all, he offers the most practical and uncensored advice you will ever hear on this topic. Not for the faint of heart, The New Rules for Love, Sex & Dating challenges singles to step up and set a new standard for this generation.’
  4. Party of One by Joy Beth Smith – ‘The single life doesn’t have to be the runner-up version of God’s best. It doesn’t have to leave you constantly waiting for “real life” to begin. Party of One offers a trade: let go of the tired lies weighing you down and turn toward truth.’
  5. Single, Dating, Engaged, Married by Ben Stuart – ‘navigate the four critical seasons of a relationship. The vast majority of young people will pass through the key stages of singleness, dating, engagement, and marriage. at some point in life. Yet, they are delaying marriage longer than any generation in human history… This book will help you chart a course through the four relational stages. In each, we will look at what eternal purposes should be pursued. As we embrace God’s purposes for every stage, we can enjoy the confidence of knowing that we are leveraging our lives for what matters most.’

I still have to finish the last book, Single, Dating, Engaged, Married. There’s lots of information to take in.

Over the next little while I am going to share about my struggles navigating singleness, work, and just life in general. I really hope you follow along and please send me any thoughts you might have on any of the topics I cover. I am constantly learning about all the different stages: singleness, dating, engagement and marriage, and what it means to be a woman of God. I want to be ready for each stage I go through. As Andy Stanley says, “Are you the person the person you are looking for is looking for?” Amen Andy! This is something that has stayed with me ever since I heard it a few years ago.
I always come back to it. It’s a good reminder.

These posts have been a long time coming. But I am finally ready to sit down and write out all my thoughts. Again, like my posts and comment. I’d love to hear from you!

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