Weekend Getaway

My friend Alicia and I went to visit her sister Natasha at her place in New Glasgow, Nova Scotia. It was a much needed weekend away. I think sometimes you just need to leave town.

Natasha made us a yummy breakfast and then we got ready and headed to the Farmer’s Market.

From there we headed for the mall. I found my new favourite store, Maurice’s. I could have spent hundreds of dollars there. But I restrained myself and only bought three shirts. Check out their website here. After spending time shopping we had lunch at a pub downtown.

And if you know me, you know I love going to the beach. So we headed on a drive to a local beach. I could have spent hours there but it was a little cold. I can’t wait for summer to come so I can many, many more beach days.

Saturday evening we hung out, made supper and played some board games. I love board games (well most games lol). I enjoyed the ones we played.

Sunday we went to Natasha’s church for morning worship. A great message from the pastor. We had lunch at a diner and my breakfast was delicious. We went back to Natasha’s after lunch and I ended up having a nap, which I think was very needed since I had to drive home that afternoon. We headed back to the valley but before we did we went to a worship service at Kings Church in Halifax. A great evening of worship through song,

It was a long, dark drive home, but I made it back around 11pm. I definitely didn’t want to get up in the next morning. I was exhausted.

I will need more weekends away. Thanks ladies for a great weekend!

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