March Goals

  • 10 No Spend Days
  • 3 No TV Days
  • Read 2 Books
  • No Phone Weekend
  • Paid Shoot
  • Photo Adventures

I need to be better with my money, so I am trying to have some no spend days. I won’t spend money other than a few groceries or gas. I am having a hard time staying on budget, so this way it will help stay on track. I am working on getting a budget in place that makes sense for me right now. I will share it once it is finalized.

I want to be more intentional with my time. So my plan for this month is to take time away from distractions to spend more time in the scriptures and in prayer. I feel like I am just wasting time watching TV instead of spending time with God or even just reading a good book. I’ve been reading the same book for 2 months now. I am having a hard time getting it done. But with having some no TV days will help me to be more productive.

My plan for a no phone weekend is to not be on my phone from 4pm Friday to Monday 7am. It will feel so refreshing to not be on social media.

I need more photo adventures in my life! I’ve really been enjoying my camera and taking pictures again. I need to get out more. WHO wants to join me?!?

I really hope I can accomplish my goals this month, but with putting it out there will help me stay accountable. Thanks everyone for sticking with me!

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Christ Follower / Photographer / Blogger / Adventurer / Annapolis Valley, Nova Scotia

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