Last week was my first week of vacation for this year. I have 3 weeks total and I can’t wait for more vacation adventures!

Day 1 – Monday morning I had a doctor’s appointment, then went for breakfast at the local Cafe – Half Acre, as I was waiting to take my car in for an oil change at lunchtime. Monday Afternoon I took it easy and it was fantastic!



Day 2 – Tuesday morning I had to go in for a CT Scan. I had two attempts at an MRI but I couldn’t go through with it. I am very claustrophobic. Since I couldn’t do the MRI, I got sent in for a CT Scan. But we don’t have to worry, everything is fine! They had found a cyst almost 2 years ago and the CT Scan showed that there was no change, which is what we were hoping for.

Right after my appointment I headed into the city to hang out with my niece and nephew. My sister was taking my other nephew in for an eye appointment and primary registration. I can’t believe he starts school in September. CRAZY! Since it rained all day, my sisters boyfriend didn’t have to work so I ended taking my niece on an Auntie/Niece date! We had a great time. We went for lunch at Wendy’s, then headed to Dollarama and picked out a toy for her and for the other two kiddos. And I really needed come caffeine, so we headed to Second Cup. I enjoyed a yummy latte and she enjoyed a cup of milk and a chocolate chip cookie. We also walked through the mall just to see what stores were there. We had a great date!

Later Tuesday afternoon, I went for coffee again but with a dear friend this time! It was so great to catch up with her!

Day 3 – Wednesday I went for a well needed hair cut and then I headed back into the city to do engagement photos for a sweet, sweet couple! My friends! We had a great time!

It was also my birthday and I went out for a lovely meal with my parents to celebrate!


Day 4 – Thursday I slept in, which felt great and needed. For some reason I was exhausted. In the afternoon I went out for a drive with a friend and we hung out at the beach and just chatted! It was so nice!


Day 5 – Friday I headed off to Truro to visit with a friend who I haven’t seen in over 6 months. It was so great to see her and her little family! We hung out for a while at her place and then we took the kids to Victoria Park. It was a very lovely day!

I left around supper time and headed into Halifax to visit another friend for the evening! We hung out and chatted. It was also very nice to spend time with her!


Vacation is over and I am back to work a full week now. I am already looking forward to my next vacation.

Vacation was a busy one by I loved it! I got to spend some quiet time alone and lots of quality time with friends! Thanks for being my Friends! Love you all!

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