Monday Morning Instagrams

It has been quite sometime since I posted my Monday morning Instagrams. So here are a few weeks worth of photos.

We had the little kiddos over for a weekend and we played outside all weekend. The sun was shining and the kids were happy.


He photobombed my picture 🙂


Miss B was digging for woolly mammoth bones in our garden. So cute! She loves adventures.


This is a beautiful historic site in Grand Pre. I love the view.


Enjoying a yummy latte on a cool day.


This was from Labor Day weekend and it was crazy windy and cold out at Baxter’s Harbour. HOLY COW. The waves were huge and the tide was coming in. I wouldn’t have wanted to be out on the water that day.



Miss B had her first day of School and she was super excited! Although by the end of the first week, she didn’t want to go back . Poor girl.


Another gorgeous day in September, Scots Bay. The sun was shining and the kiddos played in the dirt/rocks


This little guy was taking selfies. He’s 4 months old already, I can’t believe it. He is so precious! I love them at this age.


We had a bonfire/sing along at the church and the kids had a blast. So much so that after a while Marcus was ready to go home and go to bed.


A gorgeous day trip to the city and of course I had to get my Starbucks fix of my fav, Pumpkin Spice Latte. I had a free drink, so of course I got a venti.


Coming out the front door one morning and found this guy in the flowers. EWWWW


Another gorgeous morning in September. We’ve had some beautiful weather so far! It feels like August weather.


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