Monday Morning Instagrams 

The weather last week was awesome! The sun was shining everyday and you could finally go outside without a coat on. I love that!

It was Easter weekend and it was filled with family and friends! It all started with Thursday night, worship team practice and then apps at Joe’s Food Emporium with friends. Friday was the Good Friday service, which I missed. I picked up my friend from the service and took her out driving, which meant she was driving. I am helping her learn to drive 🙂

Friday evening consisted of a bonfire/hang with friends! Saturday I went for breakfast and then for coffee, and then had a little afternoon nap. I think it ended up being almost 2 hours. OOPS. My friend texted me and we hung out, went shopping and later on a few of us went to the beach to see the sunset and went back for a bonfire.

So far the weekend was great! Sunday we had church and the men’s A-men choir sang and it was awesome!!! Christ is Risen. He is Risen indeed. Sunday afternoon my sister and the kiddos came down and then we headed to my grandparents for supper. It really was a great Easter Weekend!

I hope you enjoyed spending time with friends and family! God Bless!

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