Ottawa Trip 2011

I visited Ottawa for the first time in 2011. I stayed with my friend Rebecca for 4 days. I had a wonderful time exploring. Rebecca lived very close to Parliament. While she was at work I  ventured out on my own and she also showed me around Ottawa.

We went to the Art Museum, Parliament, did some shopping and had a great time visiting with each other. In the evenings we spent our time relaxing and watching Murder She Wrote! Great times!

I loved visiting at Christmas time, I got to see a part of Ottawa that has a whole street decorated all out for Christmas. It was awesome! I love tacky Christmas decorations.

I also got to visit another friend of mine who was living there at the time. We hung out, went to a huge costco, as well we ventured into Ikea. MASSIVE.

I really need to take more trips!

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