Part 3 – Prague

We arrived in Prague and stayed at the beautiful IBTS– International Baptist Theological Seminary. I love this city!

We walked across the Charles Bridge, which was filled with vendors. I loved seeing the way they do things here in Prague. We also saw the Prague Astronomical Clock. There were lots of people gathered around waiting for the clock to chime.


We got to see a lot of Prague. We had beautiful weather while touring Prague. It was HOT.

One of my favourite places was the Prague Castle. The castle is in a huge complex. We walked all around, visting different places within the complex. It was awesome. We went inside the St. Vitus Cathedral. Such a beautiful church.

The architecture in Prague is breathtaking.


We did some shopping, which was awesome! It felt good to have a few days of being a tourist, since we had had a busy week and then were getting ready for a busy few days at a conference.

We ventured out to another castle called Karlštejn Castle. There were lots of vendors along the way. it was quite the trip to the top to see the castle. It was another HOT day of being outside. But fun was had by all.


Next is Leipzig, Germany. Off to the Baptist World Alliance Conference.

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