Part 2 – Teaching English

For the week we were in Litomerice we were teaching English at Bethel and hanging out with the people. There was also a group from Ontario that were there with us. They were great to work with.

There were 3 English groups, Beginner, Intermediate & Advanced. I was part of the beginner group with 3 others. Teaching English is hard. We had been a difficult week but we saw progress, which made it all seem worth it. Seeing them learn our language was awesome. They tried very hard and we had some fun times with them. We played games to make it easier to learn.


The people at Bethel taught us a dance of their culture (which I didn’t do, as I don’t dance but I enjoyed watching). It was fun to watch everyone learning the moves.


Everyday we had workshops. There was one on worship, sports and drama. Also we enjoyed a day out with the students by doing a photo scavengerhunt. It was a lot of fun and a great way to get to know the other. We got to see a little more of the town.


I had a great time in Litomerice! I met some great people and it also brought our group closer together.


We left Litomerice and headed back to Prague where we stayed for a few days and did touristy things. This coming up next week!

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