Part 1 – Czech Republic

We left for Halifax airport Friday, July 18th and started our travel to Prague. We had a layover in Frankfurt before we landing in Prague. We arrived late, so we rushed through the subway, had a transit ride, and then finally making it to the bus stop that would take us to Litomerice. Unfortunately, we missed the bus. We had a 2-4 hour wait until the next bus came. It was hot, we were exhausted from all the travel, but we made the best out of the situation.


We arrived in Litomerice late Saturday. Got a tour of where we staying and where we were teaching english. We attended church Sunday morning and then got a tour of the town. We had lunch at a downtown restaurant that was in a cellar. It was pretty awesome. I had Duck, not a fan but I thought I would give it a try since we were in a different country.

Here’s a little more of Litomerice…

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