After reading “Living Well Spending Less” by Ruth Soukup, I have been wanting to do some cleaning. My room is filled with stuff I don’t use or need. Same goes for our house. Come Spring I want to go through our home and declutter every space we have. It would really make the house look organized. I look forward to the adoring when I can do this, well with my parents permission of course. It is their house and their stuff. 

So like I said above, I finally decided to declutter my bedroom. I’m trying organize everything that can be organized and go through things I can get rid of. I started with heading to the I local dollar store and bought a few plastic storage containers. My first task is to organize my closet. Right now I have 12 photo albums that I want to remove from my closet. So the storage containers I bought are for my photographs. By getting rid of the albums it will provide more space and will look more organized. I filled 4 storage containers and it only cost me $8.00. Not too bad.

I wish I had taken a before and after photo but these will have to do. (Sorry for the bad image quality) I still need to go through items I can sell or just throw out. Good thing we have a spring clean up day, so anything can go. 



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