Runnging Right Off the Page

Psalm 139:3 “You made all the delicate inner parts of my body & knit me together in my mother’s womb”

“Where Your Story Begins –> Daughter, you hear Me say it true: I begin a new thing in you. The past is behind you. I was there with you. I can show you where I was. Looking back is not bad, but staying there is not my plan. Let Me place my hand on the places of pain, where you feel alone, where you cry out for rescue. I have rescued you, daughter. I created your frame, the contours of your skin, the timing of the way your eyes close, just so. I know your makeup, all the details of you, your entire story. I author you, daughter. The drafting of your story, your hand in mine . . . there is paper not more beautiful–curls of letters that make Me smile. Daughter, the story of your name is written in my book, your beginning, the moment where you felt you ended and I begin. That is your beginning, child. You begin where you end and I begin. And the story keeps writing, child. After beginning there is adventure. After beginning there is trust and falling and catching and believing and choosing and waiting. There is much waiting and beginning again. Your story running right off the page with Me.

Wow. I love this. I read this in my daily devos last week. I did a reading plan from YouVersion called Where Your Story Begins. The insert above is from the last day of the plan.

No matter what I’ve done in the past, God will be there to take our pain and rescue us. But first we need to turn to him, cry out to him and trust him. I love that God has already written our story and he already knows how things are going to turn out. He’s just waiting for us to come to him. Take time to listen to what God is trying to tell you. Allow him to guide your heart and mind as you begin this journey with him. 

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