Living Well Spending Less

I read “Living Well Spending Less” by Ruth Soukup. It’s about finding the good life. The book is in two parts. Living Well and Spending Less. Go check out her website here.

Part 1- Living Well

Secret 1- The Good Life Is Not What We Think It Is

Secret 2- Contentment is a Choice

Secret 3- We All Have a Sweet Spot

Secret 4- Written Goals Can Change Your Life

Secret5- We All Get the Same Twenty-Four Hours

Secret 6- Less Stuff Equals More Joy

Part 2- Spending Less

Secret 7- We Need to Spend Less Than We Think We Do

Secret 8- Saving Is a State of Mind

Secret 9- How to Cut Your Grocery Bill in Half

Secret 10- A Clean House Is a Happy House

Secret 11- The Best Things in Life Are Free

Secret 12- We Get More When We Give

This book is a great read and here are a few things I got out of it.

I struggle with contentment. Who doesn’t? I struggle with being in and enjoying the moment. There are times I feel content with where my life is and other times I feel like I need a change. Like I need my own place, a new job or even a change of scenery. It comes and goes.

In the book Ruth gives a few questions to ponder. “So how do we choose contentment when it feels like life throws us nothing but ways to feel inadequate? How do we find fulfillment in what we have, when it is so painfully clear what we are still missing? How can we choose to be satisfied when the yearning for what we don’t have feels so insatiable?”

According to Ruth we need to change the message to our brain. We need to change our priorities. We must live a life of love, joy and peace. Practice kindness, patience, gentleness, and self-control. Serve with compassion and humility. By changing the way we live, we can find true contentment. True contentment is found inward not outward. This is something I am working on. I want to make my life count. I want to find the good life.

I need to choose contentment and prioritize what’s important. And choose to do something about it.
Another thing that got me about this book was about making goals. I love making goals but I am bad at keeping up with them. In the book Ruth gives a few pointers, creating a long term vision, the power of writing it down, and planning your route.

In planning your route, there are a few guidelines. Be clear about your objective, give yourself a due date, breakdown large goals, track your progress, create accountability, and celebrate your success. I love all of these but it’s hard to take on task. I will giving this a go. In another blog post I will have my goals written down and hope to have people in place to keep my accountable in making sure I succeed in accomplishing my goals.

In the second half of the book is about spending less, obviously as the section is called Spending Less. I liked this section because I feel like I have a spending problem and I want to fix that. I buy “stuff” even though I don’t need it and buy when I feel down. It talks about living within our means, decluttering and sharing the good life.

I will be doing blog posts in the next little while about how I am going to spend less and do some decluttering. Giving and selling things I don’t need. I hope you take the time to read this book. It was worth the investment.


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