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It’s been a great Fall as far! The weather has been great, the sun’s been shining but now it’s starting to get colder. NOOOO. I hope the snow holds off until December.

I have enjoyed being outdoors when the weather’s been beautiful. I hope to get out more in the next few weeks.





We celebrated my niece’s birthday back on October 13. What a sweetheart she is! She’s growing up fast, she’s 4 years old already. It’s hard to believe!

I brought some yummy donuts in to work one morning as a little treat!


I got some lovely flowers from our Challenge Team. They are sweet!

Myself and my little friend. This little cutie is a ball of fun. I love babysitting here every week! Well I haven’t been doing every week as I’ve been sick but when I’m there she’s great!




I was sick for 3 days and so I thought I would pick up knitting again. I am going to make a scarf for myself (so I have the practice) and then I’ll make one for my dad, as he’s asked me to make him one. And I am going to try to make matching hat and scarfs for little niece and nephew for Christmas. We will see how it will turn out.

This past Saturday my friend and I took my niece to the Zoo. She had a great time!



This little guy was roaring like a lion. He was taking some selfies and I love his little roar. I did manage to get a video of him and my niece roaring! Super CUTE!


It was a great weekend and I look for to what this week brings! I hope you enjoy your Monday!

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