Vacation Part 1- Arisaig

We set off on vacation Sunday, August 2 as we’re making our way to Cape Breton. Our first stop was in the little place called Arisaig. We stayed in a cute B&B. Great view, lots of space and animals. Arisaig is a beautiful place.
We came across a Harbour, where there’s a restaurant, swimming, and a lighthouse. We had lunch and enjoyed the view.





In the lighthouse there was a guy selling ice cream and other cold treats.





We stopped at the provincial picnic park and took a small walk to see a beautiful view over looking the harbour.








This lead to the beach but we didn’t venture down there as we didn’t have proper footwear and my knees wouldn’t have done well, since I’ve been having so much trouble. I went as far as the bottom of the stairs and took a few shots and came back up.













My lovely parents! I don’t mind travelling with them at all!






Here is our B&B. The couple who owned it were great hosts. This place is only about 6 years old. I loved it. Great space and great view.

At the B&B they have 2 donkeys, 3 or 4 Alpaca’s, 3 dogs and some chickens.






We enjoyed a beautiful sunset over looking the water.















We had a great time in Arisaig! Great company and a great start to vacation!

Now off to Cape Breton!

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