Monday Morning Instagrams

It’s been a great couple of weeks!

My drive to work can be tedious sometimes but then there are days like this that I can’t help but stop and take photos!



The next two photos are from when I was in PEI for a Bachelorette party.


My friends got married 2 weeks ago and it was beautiful. I loved celebrating with them.

Again the next few photos are from my drive to work!



I haven’t seen this cutie in a few weeks and I miss her. The good news is I believe she’s coming for a visit this weekend! YAY!

On Saturday my parents and I took a trip to the city. We did a little shopping and enjoyed some Starbucks. It was a great day!

We had lunch at Murphy’s Wharf Restaurant, DELICIOUS Fish and Chips

Happy Father’s Day to this guy! I couldn’t be happier to be his daughter!

For Father’s Day at Church we had a men’s choir join in on a song! It was fantastic to see the men up there enjoying themselves and really singing! They sounded AWESOME


I loved seeing a packed house on this fine Father’s Day! We had to bring in more chairs. I pray that each week will be like that! Praise God!

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