Winter Adventures

Winter winter winter. When will it stop… We have had a snow storm after snow storm. I am so ready for Spring.

Valentine’s Day cake at work. It was delicious.

Started a new devotional- The Message // Remix: SOLO by Eugene Peterson

My little nephew- he was loving the camera
Oh those eyes…

Miss B posing for the camera
What a sweetheart

One of our snow storms

The morning after a storm. Beautiful

Snowy christmas lights

My drive to work can be quite pretty sometimes.

Happy 16th Birthday to this guy #nephew #single #march1st

Took the long way home one evening after being in the city all day.

Shaw Road- #offtowork

A friend and I went snowshoeing on a beautiful Saturday. It was the first time I was out this year.

This picture is of a flower but it really looks like birds on a stick… weird

This is my friends little guy, so sweet #9mths

Foggy morning in March #onmywaytowork

little bird in a tree

This is our parking lot at work. It was very, very icy this day…

We had some really awful snowy days but we’ve also had some beautiful days like this.

My friend, her son and I snowshoeing

Happy 13th Birthday #nephew #teenager #march16th

littlest nephew having fun in the car

Snow day from work, so I decided to make a good breakfast and tea and read my bible

Sunny morning #offtowork

This past weekend I took a little 24 hr trip. My sister is moving back to Nova Scotia and so I didn’t want her to drive alone so I flew to Toronto and drove back with her. It was an adventure. I arrived in TO around 8:30 Saturday morning and we took off driving around 9am. We drove through Ontario and Quebec, with a few pit stops along the way. We hit New Brunswick around 7pm ish. Once we hit the NB border we got hit with snow, It snowed the whole way home. It took us about 10 hours to get from NB to NS. We arrived home Sunday just before 9am. But despite it all I had a great time!

Sunday night we had a great time of worship and a great message by Pastor Jon. He talked about Confession.

Winter is should be over now, but it’s not. Please snow go away… PLEASE BRING SPRING, NOW

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