What are you most proud of this year?
I am most proud of personal growth… growing as a person and as a woman of God.

What was the biggest risk you took?
I honestly can’t think of anything- which is sad. I need to take more risks in my life.

What did you learn this year?
I am not in control. Learning that God has a plan and I just have to be patient- wait for Him to reveal it to me in His timing. I learned that it is important to reflect (journal). It can be a good way to get things off your chest and so you can then reflect on what you’re going through.

What do you wish you had made more time for?
I wish I wasn’t lazy and had made more time for prayer and spending quality time with God. I also wish I had taken more photos with my camera. I take lots with my phone but it’s just not the same. A camera feels good in the hands.

What are 3 highlights (business or personal) of your year?

1- I got to go to The Balancing Rock in the Digby area on summer vacation. I had never been there and I wanted to travel somewhere I’ve never been (Nova Scotia).

2- This year for Christmas my whole family was together, all 9 of us (5 adults, 2 teenagers, 2 toddlers). I loved having everyone all together. It’s been way too long since that has happened. 
3- Reading 18 books this year- my goal was 24, so I was 6 off from my goal. 18 books doesn’t seem like a lot but I feel very good about reading that many.
What “word” do you want to define 2015?
Change… mentally, physically, spiritually, and financially.

What are 3 big goals (business or personal) for 2015?
1. lose weight and go gluten free for health reasons
2. blog 3-4 days a week
3. pay off visa and personal loan and have an emergency fund
4. become a better photographer

What do you want to stop doing in 2015?
1-stop complaining.. I am already catching myself from doing it. It’s an ongoing process.
2- stop eating unhealthy foods- no more pop and snacking after 7pm (start exercising) 

What things excite you about the upcoming year?
I am looking forward to achieving my goals and seeing what God has in store for this season of my life. They say that the 30’s are the best years of your life 🙂

What do you want to learn in 2015?
Learn disciplines… prayer, journaling, and solitude.
I’d like to become a better photographer and to be able to get my name out there to do photoshoots. I would like to make this more of a career than a hobby. 
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Christ Follower / Photographer / Blogger / Adventurer / Annapolis Valley, Nova Scotia

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