Wednesday Instagrams

Good Evening,

I didn’t have much going on this weekend so I decided not to post my usual Monday Morning Instagrams. I only have a few but I wanted to share them anyway.

Remembrance Day was beautiful and a fantastic day to be outside. The sun was shining and t-shirt/sweater weather in November. WHAT!

This is from November 3- if you look closely you can see a little bit of flurries. I am thankful that’s all we”ve seen so far.

My elders nephew and I went on a coffee date. He’s almost 16 and still doesn’t mind hanging out with his Aunt. AWWWW, that makes me happy

Sunday afternoon was a cool day but still lovely, so we decided to watch The Grinch and later that evening after the Nascar race we watched The Santa Clause (I love Christmas movies)

My niece (3) and youngest nephew (15mths) were over Monday night til Tuesday Evening and we had a great time outside. My oldest nephews (12 & 15) were asked to rack leaves and Miss B decided she wanted to help out. She did a great job. So got a bucket and filled it and emptied it over the bank. They did this for about 2 hours. What champs!

Miss B (3) & Jacob (12)

Marcus (15mths)

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