Monday Morning Instagrams

Over the past weeks weeks I haven’t been posting. I had took a little break. But I am back now and here are my Monday Morning Instagrams from over the last week weeks.


Marshlands in Kentville



Gammie (grampie) and granddaughter looking at the ducks in the pond

My niece doesn’t like getting her picture taken or laying on the grass but for some reason she got down so I snapped this beauty. She’s so adorable.

hanging out with Auntue


Getting our Challenge table ready to get our many volunteers for out Annual Youth Retreat, where 450 students/leaders come to worship for an overnight event. I can’t believe this will be #26

hanging out… she was very quiet that day

I came into work one morning and this was on my desk. I am very grateful, it made my day!

I am loving the beautiful colours of Fall. They change so fast.

this past Friday/Saturday I went to visit a good friend for a sleepover and then on my way home I stopped in for one of these #PSL from Starbucks. It’s so delicious.

My mom and I took my niece and nephew to VanOostrun’s Farm on Saturday. They have a corn maze and a place for little kids to play. So we enjoyed the play time.

Marcus had a great time just sitting on the little tractor

Bailey loved riding around on this. Although we had to push her around as she doesn’t quite know how to use peddles yet.









Saturday night we had a great night of worship with The Broadcast and Chelsea Amber. It has a fantastic evening. Great music.


My drive to work this past Friday!

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