Book List

My book list originally started with over 70 but has now gone down quite a bit since last year. And I have removed books that I really have no interest in ready (not sure why I even had them to begin with).

I am slowing working on reading every book I own. It’s a long process but will feel very rewarding once completed.

I have 54 more books left to read… by the middle of September I am looking to have read another 9 books. Right now I’m in the middle of 2 books and then I will get into my summer reading list.

If you have any suggestions of new books let me know! I’d love to check them out.

  1. Make Poverty Personal
  2. The White Umbrella
  3. The Last Summer
  4. Invictus
  5. The Art of Compassion
  6. A Christmas Carol
  7. Letters to God
  8. The Count of Monte Cristo
  9. Cross-cultural Servanthood
  10. What the Heck am I Doing with my Life
  11. Something Borrowed
  12. Something Blue
  13. Baby Proof
  14. Love the One You’re with
  15. Eat, Pray, Love
  16. A Riverwalk Christmas
  17. Dark Water
  18. Unchristian
  19. City on our Knees
  20. A Credible Witness
  21. The Deathly Hallows
  22. Before they say Goodbye
  23. Goodbye Generation
  24. Courage and Calling
  25. The Help
  26. Composing Amelia
  27. The Hobbit
  28. The Fellowship of the Ring
  29. The Two Towers
  30. The Return of the King
  31. Hear no Evil
  32. Encounter God in the City
  33. Unshaken
  34. Revolution in World Missions
  35. No Longer a Slumdog
  36. Blue Like Jazz
  37. Don’t Waste Your Life
  38. My Sister’s Keeper
  39. How I Came to Sparkle
  40. The Christmas Shoppe
  41. Let Hope In
  42. All In
  43. There’s you’ll Find Me
  44. Passion: The Bright Light of Glory

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