Instagram Photos

Here are some photos taken from my Instagram From February 11-March 1
My goal is to post photos every week. from the week before.

I hope you enjoy!

snow snow and more snow



I was reheating pizza for lunch at work and the glass plate shattered in the microwave. So as you can see my lunch was ruined. I ended up going out to the local convenient store to buy something to eat.


My friend and co-worker brought back a chai latte for me one day while she was in town for lunch. What a Gal!


Coffee date with Keshia + valentines day photoshoot


again with the snow. enough already.




My father and I went for a lovely walk one Saturday while my mom was at work. It was a gorgeous day.


and then we stopped for a coffee/latte


My sister was over with the kids and Bailey was wearing the bucket on her head. Then my sister decided it was a good idea to put it on her head, which then Bailey thought it would be funny play the bucket like a drum. She cracks me up. She had so much fun!


It was a beautiful drive to work last Wednesday


Friday after work I took a drive to Sussex, NB to pick a my friend from school for her March break. It was a long drive but a great one. I always enjoy a good road trip with friends.


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