The Life and Times

This winter has been a good one. We’ve had lots of snow and lots of time hanging out at home. Snow days are great and I’ve had a few of them this winter. I am also enjoying quality time with my family, even if we’re just chillin’ at home watching tv, playing cards or just chatting. It’s those times I cherish the most. 

Here are a few shots from over the last few weeks. 

This was a beautiful drive home after church a few weeks ago. 

A blustery snowy evening. Another one of our snow storms. 

A very sunny morning drive to work. 

The sun shining! God is good!

Sun rising before I head off to work. 

Hanging out with my niece the other day while her parents were at work. I just love this little cutie. 

And this little guy is so precious. He is growing up so fast. Nephews are wonderful. 

I love quiet nights at home. I spent the night with wine and CSI season 1 

Beautiful snowfall. 

The snow is wonderful when there isn’t a lot of it. 

Dad was away so mom and I watched a girly movie. One of my favs. 

We got a surprise visit from my sister. She brought this cutie along as well as his sister. Gotta love his smile! 

Had coffee with a friend/coworker at this great coffee shop- North Mountain Fine Coffee

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