2013- Through the eyes of Instagram

Here is my year in review!
Early Winter 2013


First of February moving day for Karah
One day it looks like this and…


The next day it looks like this…


Happy Birthday to my Nephew Dylan


Happy Birthday to my Nephew Jacob


Easter weekend Melissa and I took our niece & the boys to the Oaklawn Farm Zoo


Road Trip to New Brunswick in April to see Paul Baloche and made a detour to see this girl, Alicia


Paul Baloche & Friends- Moncton Wesleyan


A lovely walk around the Marsh


Springforth- May


Enjoying a yummy drink and read at Starbucks


Our washer broke, which meant I had to do laundry at the laundrymat. I believe this trip was 5 loads


Another day at work


Happy Birthday to me. A lovely gift from some co-workers


Apple Blossom Parade with these 3 lovelies


An evening out with my good friend Kailey


Road trip to the South Shore with Alicia


Canada Day lunch with these awesome people


Baby Marcus Curtis James was born. He’s adorable!



Grampie and Grandson


Enjoying a quiet evening on the deck


Family BBQ- Father, Uncle, Nephew
Another Starbucks day… can’t have enough of these


Hang out with the girls- Sydney, Sarah & Alicia


The ladies


Fall Book List


Road Trip to Liverpool with the parents





Photoshoot with Keshia


Happy 2nd Birthday Bailey



Bailey & Marcus at Halloween AKA Princess & Skeleton


Sarah & I took a Road Trip to Fredericton to see Julia & Hanson


Hanson- such a great concert



First Snowfall


Photoshoot with the lovely Amy


Christmas at New Minas Baptist Church


Christmas Tree all Decorated


Merry Christmas


Our last big snowstorm

That’s all for this year! Stay tuned for a whole new year!
Thanks for stopping by!

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