What’s Keeping me from God?

I’ve been ready 30 Words by Jarrid Wilson for my devotion time over the last 22 days. I’ve been encouraged and the book is thought provoking.
Last night’s word was Sacrifice.
Jarrid defined sacrifice as “giving up something for the sake of something or someone else.”

This talked about Genesis 22:9-10 Abraham sacrificing Isaac.

“God requests that Abraham sacrifice the very thing he loves dearly to test whether Abraham fully trusts in Him and has placed his heart fully in Him. He is looking for Abraham to prove his faith”

This really got me thinking…

Jarrid asked a couple hard questions…

  • How much would you sacrifice for someone you loved?
  • What would you give up to prove your love for God?
Am I willing to do what God asked Abraham to do???
What is hindering my relationship with God? What do I need to give up to build my relationship?
I have decided for the next 4 days to give up facebook and TV (these are things that hinder my time with God). In those days of no tv/facebook I will spend time with God through prayer, reading the scriptures, book reading and journaling. I need sit there and listen to what God is telling me & teaching me. The next 4 days will be a learning experience, where I will struggle and feel encouraged. 
Thanks for the read and I will be posting throughout the next 4 days.

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