Summer up ‘Til Now

Here’s a few snap shots of my summer so far!
Stock Car Racing
Alicia and I at Rissers
Orchard Camp at NMBC- our fake campfire (a lamp & a pylon)
Stock Car Racing
Wolfville Waterfront
Alicia and I went for a walk and did not plan to wear the same shirt- oops
Stock Car Racing
Went for a walk in the woods
Stock Car Racing
My drive home one evening!
Solid Rock Youth! We only had 4 kids but we still had fun!
The Look Off
Lunch with Alicia- Jungle Jims
The pictures of my niece are from my sister since they moved we don’t get to see them 
Bailey sleeping
Miss Bailey on a swing for the first time and loving it!
Long Lake Beach in Halifax
Bailey and Karah came for a visit but I was at work and didn’t get to see them. Sad day 
Stock Car Racing
Stock Car Racing
I was stuck in traffic in Windsor so I took a picture
Purple Flowers around the Christmas Tree
Stock Car Racing
Another beautiful drive home!
Such a sweet Smile!
Spent my evening (a few days ago) watching Storage Hunters
I haven’t been up to a whole lot this summer but I have vacation in 2 weeks and I hope to be busy and spending my time outside!

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