I feel like an Adult

Thank you Jesus. I’m starting to feel more like an adult; I have a good job, a new car and the only thing missing is my own place. But I don’t want to do that until I am financially ready by not living pay check to pay check. I have been working on paying off bills like credit cards, student/car loans. I’ve been doing really well at saving money and paying off bills. I have always been good at writing down each month what my bills are and when they come out. It’s been helpful to me because it allows me to see how much I need for each pay period and how much I have left over but it is hard living pay check to pay check. I make it through but sometimes it gets tight, especially right now with gas going up in price and everything else, since min. wage went up again.

God has really been teaching me about finances over the last few years (what it means to have no debt). We did a series called the Life Development Plan and Pastor Bob spoke about finances. Which definitely got me thinking. Something that I got out of the message was this, “Do you want to be debt free?” OBVIOUSLY. People want to be but what are we doing about it? Are we willing to budget? I know a lot of people are ignoring their bills and the bills just keep piling up. I on the other hand want to be debt free. My goal is to be completely debt free in 10 years. It will be challenging but I believe it can happen if I set my mind to it, especially with the strength of Jesus Christ.

So my question for you is:
Do you want to be DEBT FREE? If so, what are you going to do about it?

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Christ Follower / Photographer / Blogger / Adventurer / Annapolis Valley, Nova Scotia

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