Point Pleasant Park

     Saturday I took an adventure to Halifax just so I could get away from things. I started the day at 9am, got ready and headed in. I went to Miracles (the local Christian Bookstore) in search of a good devotion book. I found a couple different ones. I got one called Disciplines: A Book of Daily Devotions 2012 and the other is called Oxygen: Deep Breathing for the Soul. I bought them because I want to grow deeper in my relationship with Christ and I want a book that will challenge me. I believe that Oxygen will challenge and make me look inside myself to see who I am in Christ. After I went to Miracles I went to a few other stores and then I ended up at Starbucks. I was there for about 2 hours and I fully enjoyed it. Very relaxing. I spent that time reading the scriptures, reflecting, and journaling. I had time to think and really focus on God. So I have decided that once a month or even a couple times a month go away by myself and reflect. Whether it is  at Just Us in Wolfville or Tan Coffee in Kentville or head to the city to Starbucks. I just want to take time and be by myself so I can really focus and get recharged.
     Around 4 O’Clock I left and went downtown to Spring Garden to pick up my friend Kailey. We headed out for supper and then we went to Point Pleasant Park (which I have never been before). It was beautiful!!! Here a few pictures from there. I can’t wait to go back there so I can see the rest of the park. God is awesome!









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