Recap of 2011

I didn’t have photos for each month of 2011 so here are just some different things that happened through-out the year!
In February we held Survivor at SRY. This was the winning team!
On of our youth leaders was away on a 11 month mission trip around the world called The World’s Race and one of her friends wanted to surprise her for her birthday with a video from all her friends and family. So SRY took a few photos with messages from all of us! It was fantastic!
I believe it was on Easter that my nephews and I went for a walk to the park and we just had a little photo shoot. We had a great time.
I went to a Starfield concert feat. Jon Bryant. GREAT SHOW!
I went to another concert. Manafest! Also great!
We were privileged to have the Watato Choir from Africa at our Church in May. These children were Awesome! So many smiles and also after they asked people to come forward so they could pray for them 🙂
Mom, dad and I went for a long drive one Sunday afternoon to Harbourville and Margaretsville! It was a beautiful day!
The newlywed’s, Jason & Carmen, came to visit us from BC, so we through a wedding reception for them! This was the first time I ever met Carmen! She is very lovely!
My sister Melissa graduated with her CCA from NSCC in June! She also started a new job 2 days after graduation. Congrats!
I went camping in Annapolis Royal with a couple friends and we stopped by the Farmer’s Market! They had a band playing!
Horton Graduation- there were a many more that I know that graduated this year but here are 2 pretty cool girls! Sydney & Sarah

I went to the Maple Noise Concert in September. There were may different bands there but the most exciting on for me was seeing Newsboys!

The next month I went to see TobyMac in concert, Jamie Grace opened up for him. This concert was the best concert I have ever been to and I have seen quite a few!

Our church did a food drive in October, I was honoured to talk pictures at this. It was great to see many people from the church participate. It was a great event.

October was the month of AWESOMENESS! My baby niece was born! She is so precious. This is a pic of my nephews and her at the hospital the day after she was born. Dylan, Jacob and Bailey

Challenge 2011 with The Silent as the band and David Sawler, the speaker. AWESOME event! I believe this was the 22nd or 23rd year for Challenge.

At Church we had a Baptism but it was an open call one. We had about 8 people get baptized! It was great to see so many wanting to proclaim their faith! This is of Tjreed and Reyer Schep.

In November my father for Ordained. He is officially a REV. He also has been asked to do 2 weddings already! WOOT1

In December I went to Ottawa for the first time! I went to visit my friend Rebecca and also got to see my friend Alecia while I was there. It was a fantastic trip, I got to see so much of downtown Ottawa! This is a picture of Rebecca under the big spider at the Art Museum.

I’ve had a fantastic year and I look forward to this new year! So many possibilities!

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