The 10 Symptoms of Mammon

Matthew 6:24 (NKJV)

No one can serve two masters; for either he will hate the one and love the other, or else he will be loyal to the one and despise the other. You cannot serve God and mammon.

I’ve read this passage before but I never really dug deep into what God was saying. Until this past Sunday. I attend a different church called Living Stones Church International, in Halifax and it felt great to experience something different on a Sunday morning. In the service I could feel God present in my life and others around me. Pastor Dan Page spoke about mammon, meaning money. We are either serving God or mammon; we can’t worship both. We tend to worship mammon, even if we don’t mean to. We all do it. We need to decide, I need to decide to follow God not mammon. Money is nothing and God is in need of nothing, just our full obedience. It was said that our well-being is not determined on money, even though we think that way. We need money to survive; food, shelter, security. But God says I don’t need money; I can provide all those things for you if you just come to me. That’s what we need to do. Fully relying on God is something I struggle with. Most of the time I rely on myself to fix things but God is there to listen and fix things if we just turn to him. That is something that I am working on right now. Coming to God in prayer. I need to remind myself over and over that God is in need of nothing (money). Just keep it on repeat. Pastor Dan gave 10 Symptoms of Mammon, and that’s where the message really hit me. I related to all of them.

  1. worry & anxiety about money- fear
  2. money mismanagement- don’t know where your money went/overspending
  3. “I never have enough”- always wanting more
  4. ? can’t remember that one sorry- it might of had something to do with budgeting
  5. impulse buying- going in for one specific thing and coming out with something completely different
  6. stinginess- holding back on tithing/offering
  7. greed- having a list of things we want to buy
  8. discontentment- never being content with what we have
  9. bondage of debit- always in debit/using credit cards 
  10. “money is seen as the end-all-be-all”- money is everything 
I can relate to all of these. I am such a worrier when it comes to money. Do I have enough? Can I pay all my bills? Where did my money go? I feel like if only I had just a little bit more, then I will be satisfied. HELLO, it doesn’t work that way. There have been many occasions that I have been stingy with my tithing at church. I kept it because I felt that I didn’t have enough money to get by that week so I would keep and I tell myself I’ll put more in next week, but then I don’t. Oh and greed, I’m horrible with that. I have a “wish list” of things that I want to buy and which some are expensive. I always feel like I need to have the best of everything. In which I should be wanting the best in my relationship with God. I am serving mammon more than God and it has got to stop. Coming to the Lord in prayer is the first step in doing so. Also I have deleted my “wish list”, so then I won’t be tempted with it. I am going to try to stop thinking so much about money and really focusing my thoughts towards Christ. I need to remember that God will meet ALL of my needs without money. I have to turn to him. God is just waiting for us to come to Him and fully rely on His goodness. We/I need to be going into everything with obedience to God.
So this weeks message has definitely got me rethinking my life’s priorities. And ask yourself, “What am I trusting in to meet my needs?” Keep that in mind. 

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