This week has been a struggle. I am trying to work out some things that are coming up in my life. But I am looking forward to the next week. We are all headed off to Toronto for a Staff Conference. SO PUMPED. We are heading up a few days early, we will be staying at Jessica’s and saturday is going to be a busy yet awesome day. I look forward to our adventures there. Our flight leaves saturday morning at 5:30am and we arrive at 8:55am, so not a long flight. From there we will be going to Ikea (since neither Anne or I have been there before), then for $1 breakfast, and then I believe heading to her house to drop off our stuff. After lunch we will be heading in to the city, so so some site-seeing (of course I’ll be taking lots of pictures) and shopping. I am almost done my christmas shopping, so I’ll be doing that. We will also be going to a Toronto-wide Worship night. I really feel that God will be moving there and that we all will feel his presence. I am very excited to be going to that. I haven’t had a really good worship time in a while. So saturday will be a long day and then sunday we will be worshipping at Jessica’s home church and from there the day isn’t really planned. That evening though we are going out to supper to celebrate Anne’s birthday which is today. It will be a great night. I had one request for the weekend, I really want to go out to Swiss Chalet for supper. I know that’s weird but I really have been craving their festive special, there isn’t one in Winnipeg and I don’t want to wait to go home. Then the conference starts monday afternoon and goes until friday afternoon. It is going to be a long week but I am praying that God will reveal himself to me and move in my heart.

I won’t have my computer with me in Toronto, so I will update when I get home. I will be sure to take lots of notes. We will be reading from Acts and our speaker is Brenda Salter McNeil (she sopke at Urbana). It’s going to be a fantastic week.
Oh and I am home in 27 days. I can’t wait!!!!!!!!!

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