what a month so far

So it’s been a while since I’ve posted. Sorry about that. I’ve been busy and also very lazy. Here is a snap shot of what I’ve been up to lately.

  • Camp/Campus meeting- we met with the camp staff from Manitoba Pioneer Camp for 2 days of meetings
  • Volleyball games
  • John and I met with Micah and Savannah again- we planned on doing a bible study with them but it has been hard keeping meetings with them, because they are very busy students. But it will come through.
  • Emerging Leaders Retreat Nov 5 & 6- we held a retreat for the student leaders from the universities and high schools we all work at and it was on vision and leadership. Run-down: Workshops, worship, and scripture study. Workshops- vision and leadership, conflict, listening to God and to others, and time management
  • Reading a book called Radical Renewal: The problem of Wineskins today by Howard A. Snyder
  • We had a time of reflective sharing, where we talked about how we are feeling so far about this internship and about what we have been learning
  • Gordon Bell (the school I help out with for volleyball) held a volleyball tournament in which we came in fourth in 7 teams. I was very proud of the girls, they had an awesome season.
  • Sat, Nov. 13th was Winnipeg’s annual Santa Claus parade. It was awesome. I got lots of cool pics. This was my first time going to one since I was a little baby. It was super cold but we made it through, it was totally work it.
  • This week we are talking about spiritual discipline- Gratitude and Teachability. Learning to be really thankful to God and to others. Also learning to learn. How teachable are we really.

So we come to this week. It has been a challenging week. Much has been learnt. It has been very interesting finding things out about myself. I am learning lots about my character. It has been hard finding out these things but I am glad it all came out so then I can learn how to change. This all was at the beginning of the week and the last half has been great, a lot of fun. We got our first real snowfall (lots of snow) and so the Gerbrandt’s have this tradition where they make donuts on the first snow. So last night we all helped make donuts. They were delicious!!! YUMMMMMM

The snow is still falling today and it’s blowing quite hard. The weather has been really cold, it’s only -4 and it feels like -20. It’s crazy. But I am loving the snow right now but I may change my mind once I go out into it.
Today is going to be a day of reading and cleaning. Lots of fun.
There will be more to come I’m sure.

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