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Monday morning we had our manuscript study, we are reading through Acts and we looked at this passage, Acts 4:32-5:42. We came up with questions/observations that can better help us understand the text. 3 groups of questions/observations came up.

  1. Strangely resembles the the Old Testament
  2. What is their sin? What is acceptable in their community? How does this form their community?
  3. Spiritual/material World Overlap, character (who they are, what they do?)/motivation

The one I had to discuss and answer was #2, with the help of Scott and Jess we took a stab at it. Our questions came out of the story of Ananias/Sapphira’s sin. We had to figure out what their sin was and how it affected themselves and their community. Also, why they did what they did. Here is what we came up with:

  • Sin- lying, possibly greed=kept a part of the proceeds from selling their property
  • Lie- who were they lying to= to God, the community, to themselves
  • Why?- looking for recognition, wanted position in the community, buying themselves into the community, or just wanted community itself

Ananias/Sapphira did not tell anyone what they were doing. We thought that they kept it from people so it gave the appearance that they gave everything to God,(so they could “fit in” with the community), and yet they would have something to fall back on if things didn’t go as they had wished. So with looking like they gave everything to God, the community welcomed them in and yet they were deceiving everyone. Ananias/Sapphira wanted to fit in and follow the crowd. Their lie was towards God according to Peter. He says “You did not lie to us (community) but to God”. They were trying to fool everyone but Peter found out they were lying. Since the lie was to God, I thought that maybe God was using Ananias/Sapphira as an example for what can happen when you lie to God. With them lying Ananias/Sapphira both dropped dead instantly. The lie equals death (physically/spiritually), but God doesn’t seem like he would do that and yet he killed them. Peter brought this up in front of everyone so then maybe God was using Ananias/Sapphira as an example. HMMMMM what a thought.

Ananias/Sapphira had the appearance of being all in with God, but they held back and didn’t fully give everything to Him. Thats what we tend to do. We want to give everything to God but we hold things back that may be hurtful and we don’t want to talk about it. So in a way we are like Ananias/Sapphira, we are keeping things from God, essentially we are lying to God. So what came out of our discussion monday morning, was this, What does it look like to be all in? Fully committed to God, giving everything up to God, not holding anything back. No matter what happens, we will still love God. I WILL STILL LOVE YOU. That needs to be our response. Be all in even if there’s no healing, we need to surrender ourselves to the one who saved us. This has been what I’ve been thinking about lately. I have come to the conclusion that I am not fully in, I am holding things back from God that I don’t want to deal with. I am lying to God. But this is going to change. I am willing to give everything to God and allow him to chisel away everything that is keeping me from doing so.
What a morning!!!
Tuesday morning we discussed chapter 6 of Inside Out: Becoming Aware of our Thirst. Some things that stuck out to me or things that were mentioned.
  • Most of us cope with life by pretending
  • Happiness is rooted more in hope than in present experiences
  • Facing disappointment is necessary for Christian growth

The one on happiness reminds me of this internship. I am too focussed on the now and how things are going and not on the things to come. I need to stop focusing on my present experiences good or bad, but look to hope. Hope that things will start working out and God will have me doing what I’m supposed to be doing. Happiness will come when there is hope for the future. Look on the brighter side.

Facing Sin comes in 3 ways
  • Admit confusion- ask tough questions = drives to FAITH
  • Acknowledge disappointment- reflect on how others let you down or failed you = drives to HOPE
  • Accept conviction- explore the motives beneath your good behaviour = drives to LOVE

Change from the inside out beings with an awareness of out thirst. Scott asked us a question: How do we cope with things? (what is it that we turn to to make us feel better?) We all talked about out different ways of coping. Mine were: eating, going to my room and listening to music, internet (spending too much time on it), and movies. I consume myself with these things because I’m covering up how I am really feeling. It’s a way for me to forget about my problems for a short time. I need to be turning to God, not the things that I feel comfortable with. It goes back to giving everything up to God. Turn to God and he will give you everything you need to be happy.

WOW yesterday was AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Scott, John, and I had a meeting with 2 students, Micah, and Savannah, from Miles Mac High School. We weren’t sure what to expect from the meeting but it was very promising. The 2 students seem very interested to being part of a bible study in the school. We gave them a few tasks to complete
  1. Finding out if there is something already going on, cause we don’t want to start something else if there is people already meeting
  2. Talk to the principal to see if we can meet in the school and if there is a teacher who would want to sponsor the group.

I’m PUMPED! John and I are meeting with the 2 students again next week. Savannah seems/is willing to co-lead a bible study, which is awesome, she’s only in grade 10. But I think that they both could lead a group together. It’s very exciting for the possibility of being in this high school. We still have a ways to go but they are willing to meet so we might keep that going until something comes up in the school. I look forward to our meeting with them next week.

Monday afternoon I had Volleyball with Gordon Bell. We had our first game. It was a lot of fun. I learned all the girls names and I’m starting to connect with a few of them. We took the bus back to the school and on the way home I sat with a parent of 2 of the girls on the team. We had a great talk about the internship. The mother knew what Inter-Varsity was and she and her family attend a Baptist Church in the area and the 2 girls attend youth group there. I think that’s very exciting. I am going to get to know them and figure out a way to talk about church and where they are with God. I would love to have a group in this school. This school is an inner-city school. It’s a hard school to be in. But I love it.
So then yesterday we had another game and we travelled by bus again. I sat with one of the girls who goes to church. I chatted with her and a few other girls. It was really a great time to get to know them. I taught them a game, The License Plate Game. It’s where you find doubles/triples of letters/numbers, and you can punch another person. It’s a good way to get the girls going. I ended up having a sore arm cause one of the girls kept getting me. But we had a great bonding moment. I loved it!!! We played the game for a while. I’m really starting to get to know the girls and I am fitting in with them as well. We are laughing and joking around. I find that being at the volleyball games help me with that, I get pumped up and that pumps the girls up too. I am loving coaching volleyball. I don’t want it to stop.
SO this week has been pretty great. Lots of things happening. I’m excited to see what happens next! Things are starting to happen, GOD IS AWESOME!

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