Letting Go

So I’ve been here for a few days now and I am really starting to like it here. It’s growing on me. We are in a great neighborhood. We are also able to walk everywhere. We walked around the whole city on Thursday. My feet sure were sore after that. Its really is a great place, even though we have had a lot of rain the last few days. Today was a gorgeous but there was a light shower and a beautiful rainbow.

Today we teamed up and went to 4 different high schools, just to check them out. John and Anne went to 2 and then Jessica and myself went to 2. The ones Jess and I went to weren’t too bad. One was 45 min bus ride, which wasn’t too bad. Then we took another bus to the second school. That was a longer bus because when we went for a transfer we had to wait half and hour. So the second school I loved. I really want to us to go into that school. It seems to have some great programs. The school is really into sports, theatre, and music (which is great). Jess and I talked to one of the teachers there, who was from New Brunswick. NICE. So from there we walked home. It only took us 15 mins. YAY! So not far at all.

After that we all debriefed on all the schools just to let everyone know what they were like. It was very helpful. We travelled to a jr high school this afternoon to talk to the principal there. He is a friend of Scott’s (scott is our supervisor). The principal of this school is a christian, which I think is awesome. You would too if you met him. He has such vision for the school and loves the students. It’s amazing how much the school has grown since he has been there (with the help of his fellow facilty). He told a story about how he stands outside on the corner of the street (so he can see down all the connecting streets) and prays for all the people and students that live in those areas. The neighborhood is very multi-cultural. Right across from the school is the Ronald McDonald House. At the school they have allowed the children from that house to play in the gym and hang out, since they don’t really have many friends at the house. I thought that was great. This principal is so humble and very encouraging. He gave really great advice as we try to get connected with the schools. The one that stuck out to me was that we have to listen to the language of the people in the school. Are they saying my school, my students or our school, our students? With that we can really determine whether or not they are open to having us come into the school. It was a great tip. I really enjoyed listening to him talk about the direction of the school. The school keeps growing. Did I mention it’s just grade 7-9?

So as we were getting ready to leave he gave us a stressball. As we might need it. But he said something to us that I won’t forget. He told us that you can’t keep squeezing the ball cause our hands will get tired. So he told us that we need to just let go, get on our knees and pray to God. I thought that was great. We can get caught up in our messy life and get so stressed out, that we forget to let go and give everything to God. Without God and prayer we are nothing.

Today was just a fantastic day for learning. The principal just gave us an insight of what it was like to be in a school. I really do believe that God is going to be working here and changing the lives of the students, teachers and us.

As we get started please keep us in your prayers as we try to get connected in the right schools and allow God to move.

“Tear down the walls see the world. Is there something we have missed. Turn from ourselves. Look beyond. There is so much more than this”

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