Well its official. I am in Winnipeg and in the the new place. Its great to finally be here and get started. I arrived here Sunday night and was greeted by the lovely Rebecca. We had a late night, I was ehausted. We were out until 1130pm, (with the time change it was 130am) so I was very tired. But monday we went out and toured a bit around the city. We went to the Manitoba Legistature and had a tour through there. It really was quite fun. We both went into it with ‘yay it will be fun’ (a little sarcastic), but in the end it actually was guite enjoyable. After that we took a bus to the forks, went the the forks market and looked around the area. It was a great day.

So right now I am sitting here with John and we are waiting for Scott to come back from the airport with Anne and Jessica. Today will be our first time together since the gathering in June. There will be many stories to tell I’m sure.

Well John and I have to go make supper before they get back!!!

I will be posting pics later.

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