One Month Left

So there it is, I have 1 month until I leave for Winnipeg. SCARY yet EXCITING.

I’m getting excited to go and very nervous but I know it will be a great experience!

So John and I had a Cafe/fundraiser Sunday night. It turned out great! We had full tables and the talent was awesome. We had 7 performers and everyone of them were great! We really appreciated their talent. We had GREAT food as well. There as great support from New Minas Baptist Church. I am so lucky to be going to that church.

So now I am working on calling everyone for financial support. AHHHHHHHHHHH
But all I have to do is sit down and just do it. I met with Joel today and he is going to keep me accountable in doing this. I am thankful that Joel is willing to do this for me. It’s what I needed. It’s very important. I am so thankful for the people around me who support me in whatever I chose to do. My home church is great for that. THANK YOU! I have an amazing church family and amazing friends! I thank God for them everyday.

This year is going to filled with struggle and yet be very fulfilling. I can’t wait to see what God has in store for me and the others.

Here are the people I will be working with.

I have 22 days of work left and I have a week off and then I’m off to Winnipeg!!!

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