Day 3

So here it is day 3. What a time I am having. It’s been full of information, crazy eh? 🙂 but it really is a learning week for me and I have been enjoying it more and more every day.
Yesterday was a great time! We had morning worship and bible study. Its very intense, I don’t think I have been involved with a bible study that was that intense before. It was insane, but also great to be learning about what the scripture is actually saying. We are studying Exodus 32-35 for the week. Its been really good to hear what other people think about the passages and what it actually means. I am learning so much and I can’t wait to get started.
We had our first High School meeting with all the other interns and staff workers, from all over Canada, there’s 13 of us. AWESOME!!! Our meetings have been really great, and we already have homework to do. YAY. jk. We have a few books to read, which I am excited to read. I can’t wait to get started. Today in our meeting, we made cookies. Weird right? but we did it for a reason. It had to do with us all working together and being able to do things that we aren’t, maybe, gifted at. It was a great exercise, we were just able have fun and work together. I am so EXCITED to work with these other interns and the staff. I really feel like its going to be a great adventure.
Last night we had supper at 6 and then I came back to my room do just hang out before going out to explore. I did a little reading and then closed my eyes for a few minutes and next thing I know its 11pm. I fell asleep. But it was so nice. I needed that sleep. I just couldn’t believe I fell asleep, I got up to put on pjamas and went right back to bed. SO NICE!!!
Tonight we are heading down for Bubble Tea and some Karaoke! Sounds like fun!
I am off for the rest of the night.

See you soon then? See you soon then.

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